We Lighten Your Burden so You Can Focus on Your PurposeSM

Whether you are a large nonprofit with a multibillion dollar endowment, or a dentist pregnant with your first child and purchasing a practice, you have and feel a tension between what you want and need today and what you will want and will need in the future...

How We Work

Addressing this tension is the work of a financial planner: to help you make good decisions that allow you to thrive now, and also have a safe and prosperous future. We all know that we have that tension and addressing it is not an investment decision per se.  It is a series of decisions and behavior changes and Ah-Ha's and awarenesses. This is the core of our work together. 

We will:

  • Be committed to your success
  • Be your fiduciary, acting in your best interest first and foremost
  • Be transparent and clear
  • Educate as you request
  • Be consultative… present the underlying issues
  • Frame and narrow your choices
  • Make it convenient and clear the path
  • Keep you from being your own worst enemy

We offer the tools, expertise, and counsel to lighten the burden on your shoulders, so you can focus on your Purpose.

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